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Styx Acacia wood spoon with Maple Leaf and Ouroboros

Styx Acacia wood spoon with Maple Leaf and Ouroboros

Pumpkin Fire Crafts

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Acacia wood spoon engraved with an Ouroboros on the bowl and a Maple Leaf on the handle. Each spoon is unique as the engravings take differently to the color and grain in the wood. Each spoon is carved differently as well, with no two being the exact same shape. For this reason I am listing these individually so you can choose which shape and patterning appeals to you most!!! 

I decided to keep the handle engravings on the handles to more organic designs. I chose the Maple Leaf as a nod to Styx and Vermont Maple Syrup

Spoon measures approx. 7" long overall. The Bowl is approx. 2"L x 1 5/8"W. The handle is approx. 5"L x 5/8" at the widest point.

This being a natural wood that is porous colors may change over time with use and age as wood utensils do. Some engravings may change due to this factor. The engraving will stay as the material where it is has been burned away and you can feel where it is cut into the wood.

Hand wash only and please wash before first use. Acacia wood spoons are food safe. 

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