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Mule Mug Athena engraving Red

Mule Mug Athena engraving Red

Pumpkin Fire Crafts

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Red Stainless Steel/Brass Mule Mug Engraved with an image of Athena I created. The lighting hit the engraving differently every time I would turn the mug which is why there is so many pictures.
Mug is made in India and are engraved in and shipped to you from the USA. 

Handles on these may get hot when used for hot beverages so please be careful!
Hand wash only, avoiding abrasive materials and please wash before first use.

Rim to Rim diameter approx 3 1/2"
Widest diameter approx 4"
Flat bottom diameter approx 2 5/8"
Width including handle approx 5 1/2"
Height approx 4"
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