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Styx Spoon engraved Ouroboros Antique Iced Tea Spoon

Styx Spoon engraved Ouroboros Antique Iced Tea Spoon

Pumpkin Fire Crafts

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Styxhexenhammer666 stainless steel long handled iced tea spoon Engraved with the Ouroboros on the bowl. 

These spoons are marked Oneida Community Stainless. What I could find about that particular name is that it was the beginning of the "Oneida Ltd" that we know today. "Oneida Community" produced flatware in Oneida New York from 1880-1935 when it became "Oneida Ltd." These are in good condition considering their age is a minimum of 88 years old. They do have some scratch marks but nothing major.

They are 7.5"long total length, with the bowl measuring approx. 1.75"long x 1"wide. The widest part of the handle is only 3/8" and tapers down to 1/8".

Clank along with Styx with your own Ouroboros spoon

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