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Styx Spoon Bees/Ouroboros Teaspoon

Styx Spoon Bees/Ouroboros Teaspoon

Pumpkin Fire Crafts

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Styxhexenhammer666 Stainless Steel Teaspoon engraved with The Ouroboros on the bowl. These spoons have a stamped design on the handle of Bees and Honeycomb. The handle is done by the manufacturer and I engrave the bowl.

These spoons are made right here in the USA by Liberty Tabletop in NY with domestically sourced materials.

Each Spoon measures 6" in total length with the bowl being approx. 2" long and 1 1/4"wide. 

Engravings may vary depending on many factors. Some will have a more dark grey engraving and some have a rainbow pattern due to the heat reacting differently with the metal during the engraving process. Most spoons have a nice dark engraving. 

Thanks for looking and keep Clanking!!!
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